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Digital Marketing in Nepal | Lone Tree Marketing

In simple words, digital marketing is any form of marketing that exists online. It’s how businesses are promoting and selling their products/services in front of prospects and customers.

Digital marketing encompasses all of the marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites to connect with current and prospective customers. – Hubspot

The #1 rule in marketing is to reach the right people in the right place at the right time. Marketing has always been about making the right offer and connecting with your customers. Today, your customers are online.

We mean, just look around you!

  • Almost everyone is using the Internet.
  • Search engine sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo; e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay have given us so much flexibility that we can search, sell and buy anything on the Internet.
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube have become an important part of our lives.
  • Smartphones are the new basic need of our time that enables us to do anything we want.

Digital marketing in Nepal puts your business on several digital channels and digital platforms. By having an online presence, your prospects can see you, can know about your business, can interact with you directly and get information about your product/services.

If you’re new to digital marketing in Nepal, it may feel overwhelming to understand all the digital marketing practices.

We get that.

And yes, there are different online marketing practices you’ll need to learn. Digital marketing in Nepal combines various marketing approaches together to reach your business goals: driving visitors to your website, building relationships, making sales and many more.

Let’s have a closer look at how digital marketing in Nepal works.

How does Digital Marketing in Nepal work?

Think about the last important purchase you made. Regardless of what it was, my guess is that you probably did what most people do these days – you began by searching for the product on the Internet. You might have read reviews about the product, compared the features and prices, read a blogpost or watched videos, and finally, after all your desired requirements are fulfilled, you make a purchasing decision.

The cycle does not just end there – the next thing you might do is share your experience or recommend it to your friends and families via word of mouth or through social media platforms.

Whether you are aware or not, most purchasing decisions begin online. With the new trends and shift in consumer behaviour, having an online presence is absolutely essential for your business, no matter what products/services you sell or offer.

But solely having an online presence isn’t enough. The key to growing your business is your customers. To reach your customers, you need an effective digital marketing strategy. This is Inclusive of the different digital platforms you use to connect with your customers in several ways: 

Content to give valuable and relevant information about you and your product/services, provide solutions to your customers’ problems and keep them updated.

Use Social media platforms to promote your content and engage with your audiences.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize your content, so it will show up in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when your prospects are searching for information related to your products/services in the search engine.

Paid Advertising to drive paid traffic to your website, where people can see your product/service offerings.

And, Email Marketing to follow up with your audience and communicate with them about your new business offers.

 When you tie all these marketing pillars together, you’ll end up with a strong foundation for your business. While the whole process looks intimidating when starting from scratch (if you’re new to digital marketing in Nepal), you might do one thing at a time, set up a strong foundation and eventually build your business empire.

As a reputed digital marketing agency in Nepal, we have heard several questions and inquiries regarding digital marketing in Nepal from our prospects and clients. Oftentimes, we have seen so-called gurus and marketing experts who provide false information (flashy tactics that are hot one week; dead and gone the very next week) just to attract clients. The truth is: digital marketing isn’t magic, that you see the results immediately after you carry out as part of your new marketing strategy. It is important to understand the fundamentals, methods and metrics about digital marketing in Nepal. To help you get a better understanding about digital marketing in Nepal, we write this guideline to help you navigate in the voyage of digital marketing in Nepal. Our objective in this article is to give you an overview of digital marketing in Nepal, to clear your confusion regarding digital marketing in Nepal and help you grow your business. 

What you’ll learn in this blog:

  • What is Digital Marketing in Nepal?
  • Traditional marketing vs digital marketing in Nepal. Which produces better Return on Investment (ROI) for your business?
  • What are the benefits of Digital Marketing in Nepal?
  • Inbound Marketing vs Digital Marketing in Nepal
  • What are the major pillars of Digital Marketing in Nepal?
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Does Digital Marketing in Nepal work for all types of businesses?
  • How to build your Digital Marketing plan for your business?
  • How to select the right agency when carrying out Digital Marketing in Nepal?

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing in Nepal. Which produces better Return on Investment (ROI) for your business?

While having quality products/services, just assessing the market cap size isn’t enough for running a successful business. It’s equally important to do marketing the right way to reach out to your target audience. For any business, when it comes to marketing, it is equally essential to have the right marketing techniques and this involves spending your marketing budget in the right way at the right platform to make the most out of it. How do you know where to spend your marketing budget when there are two major marketing approaches for business i.e, traditional marketing and digital marketing in Nepal.

 For any business, it’s crucial to know the major difference between digital marketing in Nepal over traditional marketing and which produces better ROI for your business.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is a conventional mode of marketing that combines various offline advertising and promotional methods to reach a semi-target audience. The traditional marketing process comes under the following five major categories.

  1. Print (magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  2. Broadcast (TV, radio, etc.)
  3. Direct Mail (catalogues, postcards, etc.)
  4. Telephone (telemarketing, SMS marketing, etc.)
  5. Outdoor (billboards, fliers, etc.)

While traditional marketing is still effective for business, it’s not the only way to promote your products/services. Today, the world is going digital. With rapid advancement in technology, businesses reach in front of prospects like never before. This is why traditional marketing still has limitations compared to practices of digital marketing in Nepal. Some of the major drawbacks of traditional marketing over digital marketing in Nepal are listed below:

Little or no interaction with customers

Traditional marketing is a one-way marketing approach that solely focuses on providing information to customers. However, there is no proper way to find out the effectiveness of your marketing approach as there is less or no interaction at all with your audience.

No control over timing

Once you put your marketing message in print or broadcast media, you cannot make any changes, if needed. You will need to place a new ad which will cost you more in the long term.

Higher cost

Traditional marketing is an investment for one-time exposure. Everytime you print an ad, you have to pay. Furthermore, everytime you place your ad, there is an additional cost involved in it too. While comparing it with digital marketing in Nepal, if you create content for your website, it remains there forever unless you remove the content. Therefore, with longer longevity, your content reaches your prospects with no additional cost at all.

Limited customization options

Traditional marketing is still ineffective when it comes to reaching in front of your target audience. There is no way to find out whether or not your marketing message will reach your target audience and the number of people who see your ads. Whereas, if you are doing digital marketing in Nepal, you can target your ads to the right people and communicate back and forth with them.

Poor campaign measurement

With traditional marketing, you will not be able to measure your marketing strategy easily and effectively. For instance, how many people saw your ad, how many people made a purchasing decision just by seeing your ad, and many more. However, digital marketing in Nepal provides a standard analytical tool to measure your marketing strategy and get information in real time. You can identify your marketing efforts and make changes if you need any. The data is transparent and you can further create newer market segments by correlating the trends and interests. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask your digital marketing agency for the insights and analytics report while carrying out digital marketing in Nepal.

Traditional marketing is still effective for many brands and established businesses that have large offline audiences to raise brand awareness. However, for many small and medium businesses who have very limited marketing budgets to spend on, digital marketing can be a saviour to grow their business. That’s why all types of businesses – whether it be business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) – are leveraging digital marketing in Nepal.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing in Nepal?

Digital Marketing in Nepal is growing bigger and bigger as a large number of businesses are using digital platforms. With new innovations in technology, digital platforms have changed a lot. In the current scenario, there are three major ways in which people connect with each other:  Connectivity, Authenticity and Style. By understanding this shift in consumer behaviour, many businesses are leveraging digital marketing in Nepal because it allows them to reach their customers online, where they spend most of their time.

There are a multitude of benefits that digital marketing in Nepal offers for all kinds of businesses in terms of reach, options, and opportunities to build a long term relationship with customers.

Here we enlist the major benefits for businesses doing digital marketing in Nepal.

High level of Engagement with Customers

By having an online presence, your business is accessible to people all around the world. Digital marketing in Nepal gives access to various digital channels that helps in social media engagement and building a long-lasting relationship with your customer. For instance, your business can engage and interact with your audience through social media comments, email messages, videos and many more. No doubt, your business performs better if you interact with your prospects on a regular basis, understand your customer requirements and help customers solve their problems.

Besides that, if your customer is satisfied with your business, they are more likely to tell others about you and your business. Indeed, the best form of marketing is word of mouth, that eventually creates a reputation for your brand. Digital marketing in Nepal allows you to create content, provide valuable information to audiences and create brand awareness.

Get measurable results

Another major benefit of digital marketing in Nepal is that it allows you to see the accurate result in real time. Digital marketing in Nepal offers various standard analytical tools that make it easy to track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For instance, you can keep track of the number of times your audience clicks on your ad, track your cost per leads (conversion rate), track the average time that visitors spent on your website, and much more.

For instance, one of the functions of Google analytics tool is to measure a number of unique visitors that go to your website in a specific period of time. It provides you with key information regarding the number of monthly website visitors and their activities on your website.

Furthermore, it helps to answer questions like how are visitors interacting on your website? Are they just staying in one spot, or are they exploring around your site? How do their actions change over time during visits? Thus, considering measurable results, digital marketing in Nepal has become a more effective platform to promote businesses at a faster level.

Data-Driven Approach

If you are doing digital marketing in Nepal, you can figure out exactly what’s working and what needs improvement in your marketing strategy by analyzing data. There is a plethora of tactics, platforms, tools, and dashboards at your disposal for collecting and evaluating data. Digital marketing in Nepal provides data that you can utilize to create highly customized marketing campaigns to reach your target audience and connect with them. With precise targeting, there are two major benefits for your business: high conversions (turning leads into customers) and low cost of the marketing campaign. Thus, doing digital marketing in Nepal for your businesses helps you utilize actual data and make a better marketing decision.

Less expensive and more effective

It’s no surprise that digital marketing in Nepal is less expensive and more effective in comparison to traditional marketing such as print and broadcast media. Digital marketing in Nepal offers more flexible options for businesses, spend less and gain more in terms of spending budget (starting from $1). Especially small and medium businesses, who have a limited marketing budget to spend on, can get lots of benefits by doing digital marketing in Nepal.

Thus, businesses doing digital marketing in Nepal will have an advantage over competitors in so many ways.

Inbound Marketing vs Digital Marketing in Nepal

You might have heard about digital marketing in Nepal and inbound marketing before. Both forms of marketing include creating content and distributing in online platforms to reach the audience but there are some major differences between inbound marketing and digital marketing in Nepal. So, what’s the major difference between them?

Digital marketing is a broad term that includes various digital marketing tactics and efforts such as building websites, branding assets, digital advertising, content creation, search engine optimization, paid advertising, email marketing, and many more. However, it’s important to understand that digital marketing does not differentiate any kind of marketing efforts that are designed to attract customers. In other words, digital marketing in Nepal, also known as outbound marketing, aims to reach audiences without considering whether the marketing message is relevant to the audience or not. For instance, let us look at the banner ads on a website. While they might give information about products/services to the audiences, they might be annoying to the audience.

On the other hand, inbound marketing focuses on creating valuable and useful content to attract an audience to your website. Rather than pushing advertisements directly to various online platforms, this is a reverse approach, where you are being helpful and providing value to your audience.

For instance, blogging is one of the inbound marketing approaches that allows you to reach your prospective audience. Your ideal customers are more likely to search for products/ services they need or want in search engines like Google. If you have a blog about the products/services that your potential customers are interested in, it can attract them to your website. It is an approach where you provide valuable information or insights to your customers, attract them to your website and turn them into lifelong customers.

Ultimately, inbound marketing is a marketing process where customers come towards you. On the other hand, digital marketing is a broad term that includes all kinds of marketing efforts – both inbound and outbound approaches – to reach your audience.

What are the major pillars of Digital Marketing in Nepal?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience  and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”- Content Marketing Institute.

Digital content includes written content such as blogs, articles and visual content such as graphics, images, infographics, and videos. Content marketing focuses on creating valuable and relevant content to attract audiences to your website. Eventually, the visitors are likely to convert into customers.

Moreover, content is essential for your websites’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without content, there is nothing to show up in the search engine. There are several ways to rank up your pages high in the search engines. Creating valuable content is the best practice to earn inbound links from other people’s websites which can help improve your website’s search engine ranking.

For instance, a great way to start content marketing is blogging. You can blog about your existing products/services, helpful tips that your audiences are looking for, frequently asked questions, common pain points and many more topics. Not only does this give you a general understanding of what your audiences are looking for but also you will build an effective relationship with your customers.

How can content marketing benefit your business?

The traditional marketing approach has become less effective as customers have more choices. With increasing competition in the online platform, getting customer attention has become difficult. The only way to attract audiences to your website is by providing the kind of valuable content they’re looking for.

An effective content helps to leverage other pillars of digital marketing like Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Social media platforms are all about promoting and distributing  your content.

Here is how content marketing is beneficial for your business.

Increase Brand awareness

Content is an effective medium to tell a story about who you are, what you do, what your brand represents and what sets you apart from others in the industry. Content is a fuel to create impressions with your audience about your brand.

For instance, Redbull practices content marketing strategy to build brand awareness by telling stories about adventure sports elites, and sponsoring edge sports athletes.

Increase customer traffic and conversion rate

“Content marketing generates over 3 times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.” – Content Marketing Institute

The major purpose of creating content is to attract visitors to your website and convert them into customers. For that, content creation and engaging with the audience is key for businesses that eventually build trust both ways.

Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engine ranks an authentic website in any field. They prioritise the content creation frequency as a major indicator to rank higher in the search engine. Thus, effective content is the best practice that you can boast to grow organically and improve your SEO ranking for your website.

Respect and Admiration in the industry

Content marketing allows you to establish trust and authenticity with your customer. Well, you can earn the respect and admiration in your business if you are focusing on providing value to your audience. For example, one of the major reasons why so many people admire the Harvard Business Review article is they are consistently publishing interesting content on management and leadership fields.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

“Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPS) through optimization and advertising.” SEM includes SEO tactics, as well as several other search marketing tactics.” –  Wikipedia

SEM offers a great opportunity for businesses to put their ads in front of prospective customers even when your website does not show up at the top of organic search engine results. In general, SEM refers to paid search marketing efforts such as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and advertisements where businesses pay Google to appear on search engine results page.

Users come to the search engine with the intention of looking for products/services. The major advertising strategy for SEM is bidding keywords. It offers an opportunity for advertisers to appear in front of users when they type the particular keyword you’re bidding for. Paid ads also known as Pay Per Click ads come in a variety of formats. Primarily they are text-based and other popular forms of ads are image ads, call only ads, video ads and shopping ads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the major components of SEM.

Search Engine Optimization

When you need to know about any information regarding any products/services, the first thing you do is search online. So, it’s important to appear on top of the search engine result pages for your website whenever people are looking for products/services you are offering. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

This means if you are not on the first page of Google, you are nowhere in your online presence. You might have invested time to create great content, spent a handful of resources on other digital marketing strategies, but if you have not optimized your website for search engine, there is no way you will reach your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing and improving your website for search engine ranking. In addition, it’s a way to increase the number of website visitors by making your website user-friendly for search engines. SEO deals with a number of guidelines and processes that can be broken down into 3 major parts. They are:

Technical SEO: It deals with rules that make search engine crawling easier and index your website faster. It deals with the technical parts and has nothing to do with your website content and website promotion techniques.

On Page SEO: It refers to rules applied for content optimization. On page SEO deals with optimizing content for keywords, heading title, internal links, image SEO and other techniques. The main focus is to provide signals for crawlers about the context of your website so that search engine navigates and ranks your website accordingly.

Off Page SEO: It includes various ways of improving your website search engine ranking by improving site authority from other websites. It deals with website promotion by building inbound links and social media marketing.

Why is SEO important for your business?

If you have an online business, e-commerce site or blog, SEO can help in growing your business. SEO can influence your digital marketing in Nepal and is more important than ever because:

  • The first page of search engine results gets 92% of all traffic and dropping off by 95% for page 2. This means the majority of users are more likely to visit a website that appears on the first page of search engine. Your website needs to appear in top positions of pages to drive more visitors.
  • Good SEO practices are not only about ranking your website on search engine but also improving user experience and making search engine friendly.
  • Having a presence in the top positions for the keywords that the user is searching for increases the website’s visibility and trust among visitors. In other words, the website visitors trust the website that appears on top position when searching for keywords.
  • SEO is equally important for social media promotion of your website. When users find your website ranking on top of the search engine, it indicates that your website is credible, and users are more likely to add internal links as well as promote on other social media channels.
  • SEO helps you to get your business ahead of the competition. For instance, if two websites are selling the same products/services, the SEO optimized website is more likely to get more visitors and make more sales.

Social Media Marketing

“Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Social Media Marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and other content that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising.”


Social Media Marketing comprises of using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest to promote content and grow your business. Furthermore, it leverages social media trends to reach a large number of audiences and engage with them.

With an increasing number of smartphone users, the number of social media users are continuously growing. In 2018, there are 2.62 billion social media users all around the world. Due to ease in app installation and use of social media apps on a smartphone, the majority of people spend their time online. According to Marketingland, nearly 80% of social media users spend time on mobiles. This means a huge opportunity to reach your audiences, interact with them, get feedback about your business, and improve gradually.

Social media platforms amplify your marketing efforts to be more effective. Social media platforms allow you to share your content and expand your reach among a large number of audiences.

Let’s say one of your fans shares your content via Facebook. This means your content is more visible among people who are on your fan’s friend list. Thus, social media marketing has an enormous impact for creating awareness about your brand.

Besides that, you can share content on several other social platforms by using social sharing buttons. Adding sharing buttons to your site encourages your website’s visitors to share your content with their own friends and followers via different social media platforms. Other effective strategy includes using the hashtag to expand your influence upon a broad audience.

Here we enlist  major advantages of social media marketing for your business:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Building conversions
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Creating a brand identity and positive brand association
  • Improving communication and interaction with key audiences

To get the complete overview of social media marketing in Nepal, read here.

Does Digital Marketing in Nepal work for all types of businesses?

Digital marketing in Nepal can work for all types of businesses in any industry.

It doesn’t matter what your company sells, digital marketing in Nepal still involves identifying your audience’s needs and creating valuable content for your audience. However, this doesn’t mean all businesses should adopt the same digital marketing strategy.

Business to Business (B2B) Digital Marketing

If your company is doing Business-to-Business (B2B), your digital marketing efforts should focus on raising brand awareness, lead generation and sales conversion. For that reason, your digital marketing strategy centers around attracting visitors via your website and various digital channels. Besides your website, you should focus on social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn marketing where the majority of business associates spend their time online.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Digital Marketing

If your company is doing Business-to-Consumer (B2C), it’s more likely that your digital marketing efforts focus on attracting people to your website, engage with your prospects on a regular basis in social media channels, and turn them into customers.

For that reason, you should focus on building buyer’s journeys rather than lead generation.

This will often mean you might need to be aware of website visitors and use strong ‘Call to Action’ to persuade new visitors into customers. For B2C companies, social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest can often be more valuable than business-focused platforms like LinkedIn.

How to build your Digital Marketing plan for your business?

Many businesses have adopted digital marketing in Nepal as an approach to be relevant in today’s global context. However, most of them lack a proper digital marketing plan in their marketing strategy. The foundation of every successful business doing digital marketing in Nepal depends on creating and implementing a digital marketing plan that leads to higher sales, new customers, and long-term relationship with your existing customers. A good digital marketing plan requires the right digital channels, dedicated platforms and a successful website that is responsive to a wide array of devices.

If you’re doing digital marketing in Nepal, here are some actionable tips that you can follow to grow your business. The best practices of digital marketing in Nepal includes:

  • Setting up website
  • Creating digital content to get traffic to your website
  • Get on Social media to increase engagement
  • Convert visitors into leads with landing pages
  • Utilizing effective paid advertising
  • Turning leads into customers
  • Measuring and improving the marketing results

#1 Start with a website

Setting up a website is the first step of being found on the search results. Your website is a place where you can show your products/services, produce content and engage with your audience.

But building a website isn’t enough, it’s equally important to make your website mobile friendly and optimise for the search engine.


#2 Create digital content to get traffic

Content is a great fuel that pushes your online marketing vehicle at high speed. For that, you need to produce useful content consistently. Content helps to increase brand visibility and build trust with the customer. There are various forms of digital content like blogs, videos, ebooks, infographics, images, and many more that you can leverage in your website to connect with your audience.


#3 Use social media to increase engagement

Social media platforms help to build a two-way relationship with customers. Thus, it helps to grow your business as customers are the one who convert online interactions to real-life business. Besides, they are important platforms for storytelling, distributing content, proper branding and advertisement of your business.

Customers are engaging with your brand through likes, comments and shares on social media platforms. While there are so many social media platforms out there, we talk about two major platforms: “Facebook” and “Instagram”.

Facebook for Business

Facebook serves as one of the major platforms for entrepreneurs and companies to grow their business, reach new clients and create brand awareness. Today, more and more people search for a business online before they actually buy products and services from you. Facebook allows businesses to gain brand visibility through content distribution and Facebook advertising.

Here are supporting facts about Facebook:

  • Facebook’s user base is continuously growing with 2.23 billion monthly active users  as of the second quarter of 2018.
  • The average person spends 135 minutes per day on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, that’s more time spent compared to other social media networks.
  • In terms of cost, to reach thousands of people, Facebook is cheaper than any other platforms. Even with a small budget starting from a dollar, you’ll be able to reach a large number of people.
  • Facebook advertising offers exceptional targeting options for businesses such as targeting audience based on geography, demographics, device usage and many more.

Instagram for Business

Instagram has become one of the most important social media platforms to reach an audience and build brand reputation. Here are the supporting facts about Instagram:

Image source: invespcro

To boot, Instagram marketing helps the brand in the competitor analysis and make an effective decision about their marketing strategies. It allows brands to track how their campaigns are doing and learn from what’s working and what isn’t.

To learn more about the latest Instagram marketing update to grow your business, read here.

#4 Convert visitors into leads with landing pages

Though increasing visitors to your website is your primary goal, it’s not the end goal of your business. You want to turn the website visitors into sales leads and customers. You need to make sales in order to sustain and grow your business for the long term sustainability. So, how do you do that? Here are four practices that help you convert visitors into leads.

  • Create a compelling content
  • Create ‘Call to Action’ buttons
  • Launch a landing page
  • Testing and measuring your previous efforts

#5 Supplement your efforts with Paid advertising

When you’re building your online presence, it can be really difficult to get upfront solely depending on organic methods. That’s why many businesses supplement with paid search such as Google Adwords and Facebook advertising, when carrying out digital marketing in Nepal.

Google displays results based on what people are searching for (keywords). Google Adwords is one of the best forms of paid advertising platforms for businesses. Even if your business is not on top of organic search engine results, Google Adwords places your website on the first page of the search engine. Since, Adwords requires users/businesses to purchase particular keywords; your website will appear at the top only when people actually search for that particular term. This entails that the person is potentially seeking the product or service and has a higher probability of converting to a customer.

#6 Nurture leads into customers

Lead nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with buyers by providing relevant information at every stage of the buyer’s journey. It focuses on marketing as well as communicating with prospective customers, understanding their needs and providing them the information they are looking for. Some of the lead nurturing tactics include targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, multiple touches, timely follow-ups, and personalization.

#7 Measuring and improving the effectiveness of digital marketing

You need to review your marketing performance, focus on what’s working and eliminate the ineffective campaign. Here are some metrics to monitor for refining strategy when you are practising digital marketing in Nepal.

Identify opportunity: Review your marketing strategy to find your overall performance. Figure out what you want to really improve on. For instance, increase website visitors, turn visitors into leads and so on.

Set a metric for success: Set measurable and time focused goal when carrying out digital marketing in Nepal.

Refine your strategy: Always focus on what’s working to achieve your marketing goals. Adapt to the changes and refine your digital marketing strategy if needed.

Evaluate performance: If you haven’t found your success metric, find out what you could have done differently. If you’re successful, make sure your marketing efforts have a long term impact.

There are metrics to track and report on for successful digital marketing in Nepal. These metrics include website performance, traffic, leads, customers, new vs repeat visitors and channel effectiveness.

Digital marketing might seem overwhelming and difficult if you are carrying it out for the first time. However, by reviewing your current strategy and taking steps for improvement, you will be able to get effective results. If you want to employ digital marketing in Nepal for your business, gaining some new perspective and help from reputed digital marketing agencies, like Lone Tree Marketing, can accelerate the process.


How to select the right agency when carrying out digital marketing in Nepal?

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is the first step for doing efficient digital marketing in Nepal, and achieving marketing goals for your company. However, at the same time, choosing the right marketing agency for implementing  digital marketing in Nepal can be a daunting process, since there are so many service providers in the market. So, how do you choose the right marketing agency when doing digital marketing in Nepal?

Look for Performance driven marketing agency

Businesses need to work with a marketing agency that cares about their performance and success. When looking for a marketing agency, you can check out the credibility by visiting their website and evaluating their performance in terms of content creation and engagement in their social networks.

For carrying out digital marketing in Nepal, a performance-driven marketing agency must have the following traits:

  • Management of projects in time with allocated budget
  • Maintain consistency in high-level quality and performance
  • Set realistic strategies that align with client objectives and the end goal
  • Communicate campaign success and setbacks, and provide feedback and suggestions to the clients
  • Understand clients needs and produce measurable results
  • Adapt to the changes and make continuous improvement in their services
  • Generate reports for the client showing transparency of all the activities that have been carried out.

Agency culture and talent

Culture is about how people connect and relate to one another; agency culture determines the level of impact on the clients’ businesses. Therefore, the client-agency relationship is a crucial factor for a successful marketing campaign. An agency should not only understand the core values of businesses, but also be able to cater to their expertise and professionalism. The agency team must have top-notch talents with expertise in their field. They must have mastery of new marketing techniques, creativity, and ability to analyze performance to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.

As digital marketing in Nepal is constantly changing with time, it is crucial for agencies to make changes and adapt to new marketing practices. That’s why businesses should look for agencies that challenge conventional thinking and follow new trends of digital marketing in Nepal.


The return on investment that the businesses experience when shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing in Nepal cannot be denied. For good reasons, businesses are experiencing the marketing efficiency, effectiveness and growth by carrying out digital marketing in Nepal. Many companies started to recognize and realize the potential reach of digital marketing in Nepal, which can do wonders for their business. If you haven’t adopted digital marketing strategy in your business yet, now is the time; make 2020, the year to grow and revolutionize your business.

At LoneTree Nepal, we bring different approaches of digital marketing together that maximize your online reach and presence. Moreover, we’re dedicated to providing services based on our client goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. Our services include research, web design, content creation, search optimization, social media promotion, search engine marketing and branding.

We understand the different avenues of digital marketing in Nepal and also know how to bring it all together. If you are looking for a complete digital marketing agency in Nepal, contact us today, for digital marketing services and consultation.


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