How to build brand awareness through social media?

How to build brand awareness through social media?

How to build brand awareness through social media?

Imagine you’re out in summer, under the scorching sun and you want to have a cold soft drink. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Coke. Not the illegal kind, but Coca-Cola. Why do you think that happens? Why do we not think of other drinks?

Well, because Coca-Cola has one of the best brand strategies. They run million-dollar advertisements on traditional media to raise brand awareness. They do this because once brand awareness starts decreasing, consumers start forgetting about the brand.

According to a survey by Nielsen, 59% of shoppers claimed that they buy from the brands they know. Meanwhile, 21% of shoppers said that they bought a new product because they liked the brand. Therefore, all businesses, large and small, need a brand awareness strategy. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars on advertisements for brand recognition. Social media is your knight in shining armor.

Here are some ways that can help you build brand awareness through social media:

Make Your Profile Sleek

Recognition is vital to raise brand awareness through social media. Followers have a low attention span and your profile page is the jumping point from your social media to your website. Therefore, they need to know what you’re all about from the first glance. A clean, well-optimized profile and photo is key to raising brand awareness through social media.

Take an example of Starbucks. Their social media page is well-tuned and tells the followers who they are. From the logo to the cover photo as well as their posts, they all define Starbucks. If you are curious about what we’re talking about, take a look at their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. They have their logo as the display picture and their coffee drinks as the cover photo. They introduce themselves well in the page description so that from the first glance, you know what Starbucks is all about.

Give a Personality to Your Social Presence

When you meet someone new, it is easier to engage with a charismatic, fun and approachable person rather than someone who sounds like a robot. And no, we’re not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This is very important to raise brand awareness through social media. Therefore, feel free to give personality to your social media presence. People are much more likely to engage when they see personal, human centric content. An example could be posts from an Instagram page like Humans of New York that use storytelling to create unique content and increase followers.

Another example could be McDonald’s for their sense of humor. They use humor that is relatable with people for brand recognition. They have a distinct, fun personality that helps them create brand awareness through social media.

Make Eye Catching Posts

Creating brand awareness through social media requires eye catching visuals.

That’s why you should create your own images or graphics and add it along with social media updates. This helps to raise brand awareness as good content is more likely to be shared.

Go to Hot Topic’s Instagram page to see how their images pop out to showcase their products.

A little creativity can do wonders for brand awareness through social media. Take eye-popping pictures featuring your product or create illustrations that grab peoples’ attention. Anything that you can do aesthetically can help you create brand recognition.

Are you taking notes yet? You should because we have a couple more tips coming.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags could be your secret weapon in creating brand awareness through social media. Use hashtags freely and liberally.

Hashtags instantly make your posts searchable, which diversifies the audience of your post. This vastly expands the business’s brand recognition. At the same time, using smaller niche tags helps raise brand awareness in communities of potential customers.

#IceBucketChallenge has to be one of the most influential uses of hashtags. It was used to create awareness about ALS and to raise funds for ALS Association despite not using the hashtag.

This is a great example of using hashtags to increase brand awareness. In your case, you could make a hashtag that generates brand recognition.

P.S. It’s even better if you create a hashtag that’s trending on social media.

Start Blogging

Blogging is a smart way of increasing brand awareness through social media. If you don’t already have a blog, now is the time to start. People have endless questions that need to be answered. Come up with blogs that help solve a problem. It could be about your product or your industry. It could also be an informational blog about the market, trends or anything that will make your audience’ life easier.

If you want to know what makes a good blog then check out our tips on writing good blogs.

Once you have good blogs that are relatable to your audience, make sure to share them across all your social platforms. Good, quality content will get shared on social media. This increases your chances of brand awareness through social media.

Use Social Media for Engagement

Social media engagement is a great brand awareness strategy for businesses.

Holding a contest is one way to increase engagement. It could be any type of contest, for example, a giveaway for the right answer to a question. Share the conditions to win and let the games begin. People love competing and prizes. Therefore, they will share your post. As the contest expands, so does your brand recognition.

You could also come up with other social engagement campaigns to help you create brand awareness through social media.

These are some ways by which you can increase this. Think of them as your mantra so that your business is always on your customers’ minds. 

If you need help in increasing brand awareness through social media then remember us at Lone Tree.

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