How Digital Marketing offers better ROI than Traditional Marketing?

How Digital Marketing offers better ROI than Traditional Marketing?

How Digital Marketing offers better ROI than Traditional Marketing?

When deciding between digital marketing and traditional marketing, a business can get a better idea of which marketing method is suitable and ways it should be applied. Running a business successfully is not just about selecting the right market or having quality products. It’s equally important to use the right marketing techniques in order to reach out to your target audience and convert them into leads or customers.

Return On Investment (ROI)  can be challenging to measure in industries where you aren’t directly selling products online. ROI is more than just cold hard cash.

In the long run, brand awareness and persuasion through a number of links are important factors to consider in your overall digital marketing ROI. This fact increases the importance of determining your financial ROI figures and building a system to track them. There are ways to maintain and monitor your digital impressions which are applicable to any business.

Data-Driven Approach

Marketing decision based on data is better than done with assumptions. Guessing the digits is totally out of fashion these days. With Digital Marketing you have the ability to determine exactly what’s working and what needs improvement. One needs to try new approaches to figure out what really works for you. There is an extraordinary plethora of tactics, platforms, tools, and dashboards at your disposal. You can utilize them to your advantage.

Unique Monthly Visitors

Unique visitors are a web analytics tool that is traditionally used to measure the overall level of traffic to a site. Because it counts the number of unique people that visit a site in a given time, it gives a better image of a site’s true audience size. That means unique visitors are an excellent tool for market share analysis and benchmarking to evaluate how a site can do better.

Only Measure What  Matters

Digital marketing makes it easy to track, like how many times your audience click your ad. It may not give you much information however, it’s important for you to set strategies that to define clear goals for your digital marketing efforts and then create key performance indicators (KPIs). It’s up to you and your team to determine these KPIs that will definitely carry more values than just your followers on social media network.

Track Conversion Rates

Digital Marketing platforms track your cost per lead which helps you determine if your digital marketing has a good ROI. But do not to forget if your visitors are potential customers. To accurately define, conversion is getting a visitor convert to a client in the future, clicks don’t mean conversions. This can be tricky to track, but digital marketing offers strategies that can help.

Time Spent

Marketing is all about getting noticed. The time consumers spend on your digital experience is one of the essential factors that measure your impact. The first 10 seconds are critical because it determines how long a visitor stays on your site. Standard analytics will help you analyze the average time a visitor spends.


How engaging your platforms are and how much attention you pay towards the interface makes a major impact on the visitors. Are they just staying in one spot, or are they exploring around your site? How do their actions change over time during visits? You can measure the clicks, scrolls, mouse movements, page views, etc. that people perform on or around an experience in a specified period of time.

Therefore, Digital Marketing has taken over. It has succeeded to enhance brand recognition, not only a global platform to reach a greater audience, but also has helped to promote businesses on a much larger, and scale faster. With Digital Marketing surpassing traditional methods, we tell you why it’s better to put your marketing online if you want to see your business grow.

Over to you

Digital marketing in Nepal is growing bigger and bigger. Businesses should take advantage of current trends in digital marketing in Nepal to grow over the competition. If you haven’t adopted digital marketing strategy in your business yet, Now is the time.

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