SEO tools that help you optimize your website

SEO tools that help you optimize your website

SEO tools that help you optimize your website

SEO tools are the keywords here. Don’t just take our word for it. Statistics show that around 60% of B2B marketers say SEO is the driving force behind optimizing your website.

Reaching on top of the search engine is not easy. First, you should find the right keywords which represent your business. Furthermore, you can use different SEO tools which help you optimize your website. It takes about 8 to 10 months to get your website on top but it will surely bring success to your business.

Besides, there are a lot of benefits when you are using SEO tools such as:

  • SEO tools speed up your SEO process as machines are much faster and efficient in collecting and processing information than people. For instance, it is more convenient to use Google to explore your competitors’ links and backlinks with Google toolbar for quick results.
  • SEO tools accurately analyze advantages and disadvantages of your website. They give you a clear idea of what you should do to optimize your website.
  • SEO tools give you information in a more categorized and organized way. For instance, a good tool gives you data that focuses more on important aspects of your website like meta tags, SEO, social media and backlinks.

Moreover, agencies and marketers should be aware of what’s available and what SEO tools are best for them to use. With different kinds of tools out there, it’s difficult to know which may be relevant. It’s best to break down the SEO tools that are popular among the users. If you’re thinking of optimizing your website, here’s what we recommend:

Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights is one of the most user friendly SEO tools that gives you reports of the performance of your webpage on mobile devices and desktop. It also gives you suggestions on what can be done to optimize your website.

All you have to do is enter the URL of the webpage you wish to analyze. It gives you an optimization score of your website for both mobile and desktop devices. It also provides page stats and page speed. Furthermore, it provides suggestions and tips to optimize your website.


It’s one of the SEO tools with both paid as well as free versions available for users. However, the paid version offers more features like targeting options, additional APT access, hourly URL monitoring and white-label PDF reports. Furthermore, it gives the result and scores of your overall performance in terms of  PageSpeed and Yslow. It also gives you recommendations on what you can do to improve your website.

It’s easy to work with GTmetrix. You just need to enter your URL into the Analyze Performance box to see the results.


Nibbler is free, but limited to three reports. It scores your website out of 10 based on accessibility, SEO, social media, technology, meta tags, etc., and generates a report.

If you own a website and want to improve it, you should definitely try Insites tool. One of many SEO tools, it tests your website in detail and offers suggestions to improve them.

It also offers you a professional sales tool for Silktide Prospect, designed for a digital marketing solution that compares websites, discovers new leads, generates PDFs, and brands your reports.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best SEO tools developed by Google. It gives you insights of your website including:

  • How much traffic does your website receive and where are the users coming from?
  • What pages do they visit and how much time do they spend on each page?
  • Which pages do they visit before they exit?
  • Which buttons are getting more clicks?
  • Which portion of your traffic converts?
  • Which electronic devices are the users using while they’re on your website?
  • Which countries do your users belong to and what kind of software do they use to browse your website?

It is also the best place for those who just started learning about SEO tools.  

Just go to and click the SIGN IN button from the top right corner and select Google Analytics. Then set up a property of the website you will be using to add the analytics code. After this, it will give you a tracking id and a code. Add this code in web pages you want to track right after the opening of <head> tag.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console SEO tools and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance and fix issues. It also makes your site shine in Google search results. Its SEO tools help you to optimize your content when it sees which queries bring users to your website. Furthermore, it analyzes your site’s impression, clicks and ranking.

Google Search Console submits content sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling. Moreover, it rates your index coverage to make sure that Google gives the most fresh review of your site in the search result. Lastly, you will receive email alerts when it identifies issues on your site. It also shows which URLs have issues and informs Google when you fixed the issues.

Keyword planners

Keyword planner is one of many SEO tools that suggests the search volume of the keywords you are planning to use in your content. It gives you related keywords people are actually using to search. This will help you increase traffic to your website. As a result, your campaigns can stay on top of the keyword trends and your content can remain relevant.

Let us know which SEO tools you will be using to optimize your website. Comment down below.

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