Why LinkedIn marketing?

Why LinkedIn marketing?

Why LinkedIn marketing?

Often overlooked by digital marketers in the plethora of social media networks, LinkedIn has amassed 500 million users and is growing at the rate of 2 new users every second. With a total of over 250 million monthly active users, an average CEO has about 930 connections – which is staggering considering the niche market of LinkedIn users.

For B2B marketers, it has become the best platform to connect with potential clients, and build perpetual relationships with them. You cannot comprehend the proliferation of this social media network – the growth is beyond palpable. Having a considerable number of people using it may be a sign of the times to start including LinkedIn marketing in your digital marketing plan, since there are other more compelling facets to LinkedIn marketing.

So why can LinkedIn Marketing be a Game changer?

Following the money trail

Let me give you statistics that will widen your eyes at the prospects of LinkedIn marketing. 44% of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 a year – that is a lot in comparison to the average salary of people around the world. Another staggering fact is that 41% of the world’s millionaires are on LinkedIn. So basically, LinkedIn is a pool of very rich fishes, you just have to make an enticing hook and your business can foster. So, LinkedIn marketing is an avenue that you must look into to expand your business.


LinkedIn is a business social networking site with the core essence of “business first”. We often look up people on LinkedIn to get a profile on them before hiring them. We tend to trust the portfolio that people advertise on their LinkedIn profiles. The rule of the thumb is that the people on LinkedIn are from a professional background – unlike any other social media networks. Since the profiles of people on LinkedIn are authentic, it is a great place for collecting data on people, and then using LinkedIn marketing to target your campaign based on it.

Eccentric Crowd

As we have discussed above, the users on LinkedIn are professionals; either employees or employers. This is a relatively distinct market than many of the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So, it is inevitable that you will pull in less traffic on LinkedIn than facebook or twitter. However, the ROI of your LinkedIn marketing campaign would be proportionally higher as you will be attracting exactly the audience you are looking for, the ones that have money. Also, the audience will be far closer to point-of-purchase than the audience that are found on any other social media sites.

Cool? Let us put all the points into perspective. Consider an example of a travel agency campaigning for a trip to Maldives and are targeting HR managers of all the IT companies around a certain radius. For instance, an HR manager sitting in the office is looking for potential employees, and is frustrated about not being able to find the perfect employee. She sees this advertisement and an idea is planted in her subconscious of the notion of travelling to Maldives.

LinkedIn Marketing

Let us look at this particular example, we can see that it ticks all the boxes. This is one example and there might be many more avenues you can explore with it. The amazing thing about LinkedIn marketing is that people actually put their authentic information in the profile and it will be easier for us to target them.

Makes sense? Well, let’s end this article with a fortissimo coda. “LinkedIn is not an ocean full of fishes but the pond full of luxurious ones.”

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