Marketing during holidays

Marketing during holidays

Marketing during holidays

Marketing in Nepal reaches its pinnacle during the holiday season. Marketing during holidays is common – newspapers are flooded with advertisements, storefronts are crowded with offers. This is equally applicable when we’re talking about digital marketing during holidays in Nepal too. This often brings us to the realization and fear that our efforts face severe competition and have the potential to get lost in the crowd.

Every marketer is trying to use Facebook Ads in any possible way, creating visual ads which includes holiday greetings to special holiday offers, crowding the audience’s newsfeeds. That’s just what happens, and you and I both know it. The fear of not delivering effective campaigns for marketing during holidays can make our holidays less enjoyable.

This efficiency is even harder to attain when we consider that competition is going to drive the costs of Facebook ads through the roof (Happy Dashain Everyone!). Higher spending with little to no ROI, bosses pressuring you for results… Phewww… we’re going to leave you to ponder on that for a bit.

Now, before you start breathing into a paper bag (we don’t advocate single use plastic), know why things are going to be different for you. You’re reading this blog and yes, you are one of the lucky few that will be spared this burden of stress. Why? You have Lone Tree Marketing as your guide. We’re here to tell you in a few simple steps how you can stay on top of digital marketing during holidays in Nepal.

More Placements

Facebook Ads work like an auction. Your ad is competing with all the ads placed on for visibility. In a small target group like Nepal, this entails that the cost per impression for your ad is going to be minimal. To counter this, you can optimize the placement of your ads to maximize results when marketing during holidays.

Facebook allows you to place your advertisements for marketing during holidays in 14 different placements. You can choose these placements carefully and utilize underused options to make sure that your ad gets the visibility it deserves. Options like Instagram Stories, Messengers can provide you with the ideal platform to stay ahead of the crowd when marketing during holidays.

Custom Audiences

The idea behind this is to narrow your audience to specific target groups – beyond location and age groups. You can easily segregate people based on interests. Furthermore, you can be more specific in your audience criteria to ensure that you are reaching more relevant audiences, and aiming for higher conversions with your marketing during holidays.

To do that, we suggest you use Custom Audiences, especially when marketing during holidays.

There are several custom audiences available. This includes ones that you create from importing a list of your customer’s email addresses; those who have visited your website, mobile app, Instagram page, or even from those who have interacted with a specific video on your Facebook page.

Ad Account Spending Limit

We can’t stress enough how important it is to check your ad account limit.

When marketing during holidays, chances are, you’ll be spending well above your normal budget. That means you could reach the spend limit sooner. This can result in your campaigns freezing until you clear your pending ad account balance.

Many advertisers aren’t even aware that they have a spending limit, because they normally get invoiced before they even come close to their limit.

Compelling Offer

Now it may seem like an obvious statement, but the campaign you present ultimately determines what kind of result you will be getting. It is essential to remember that you and everyone else around you are doing marketing during holidays. It is critical that your offer is able to differentiate itself from the rest. Consumers can be overwhelmed with advertisements, and the majority of them are going to follow the same theme.

If you can capture the target audience’s attention with an irresistible offer, then you are one step closer to successful marketing during holidays. If you find an item that you can purchase in bulk at a low cost, give it away for free! You can often create a much better special offer with free items than your audience can find anywhere else.

Study Facebook’s Official Holiday Guide

Every year, Facebook publishes a holiday planning guide for advertisers to help them solidify their marketing during holidays. While this may not be completely applicable in the context of Nepal, it can still serve as a guide to help you navigate through strategies for marketing during holidays.

The guide contains lots of insights, key dates, and even a campaign planner that you can use to map out your campaigns at each stage of the sales funnel.

You can download your copy of the guide here.

These are few of the steps that you can take to make this holiday season the best for your business. They might seem simple, yet they could easily make or break your campaign for marketing during holidays.

If you’re still struggling with formulating a digital marketing strategy for this holiday season, don’t you worry. Let our experts at Lone Tree Marketing help you.


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