Facebook advertising in Nepal: How to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns?

Facebook advertising in Nepal: How to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns?

Facebook advertising in Nepal: How to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns?

Thinking about Facebook advertising in Nepal? Maybe, you’ve decided to take your business online on the leading social media platform,  Facebook. If so, you must be wondering about how to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

 No doubt, Facebook is the most efficient and under-priced advertising platform in 2020. Facebook advertising in Nepal is the biggest opportunity for all types of businesses. To know more about why you should go all in for Facebook advertising in Nepal, read our previous blog, “Facebook advertising: Why you should do it?

 Here, we cover various tips and tricks in which anyone can optimize the performance of their Facebook ad campaign – hence, taking it to the next level.

Select the right campaign objective

 First thing’s first, you have to know the purpose of your Facebook ad campaign. Therefore, it is crucial to select an objective for your Facebook ad campaign.

 Well, Facebook offers different types of objectives: Awareness, Consideration Conversion, Traffic and many more. Your campaign objective must match your marketing goals so that you can optimize it for the best results.

 For instance, if your marketing objective is to raise brand awareness, you can choose the “Brand awareness” objective in your campaign. Depending upon the campaign objective, Facebook incorporates several ad types and bidding methods.

Marketing Objective

Image source: Buffer

 Remember, if you choose the wrong objective that doesn’t align with your marketing goal, you’ll not achieve the desired ROI. In order to improve your campaign results, you have to evaluate your performance (if you have conducted any past campaign). If you find any deluded goals, you have to stop and start a new campaign with the right objective. 

Improve your engagement

 When creating a Facebook ad with your desired objective, there are two options: “create new ad” or “use existing post”. With the first step, you will create a new ad for the campaign that doesn’t show up in your page while with the second option, you can create an ad with the existing post of your page and optimize your ads engagement (likes and shares).

Improve your engagement

 Image source: AdEspresso

 Every time you’re creating an ad from an existing post on Facebook, you can transform the existing likes and shares to more engagement through a Facebook ad.

 The number of likes and shares in your campaign is the indicator of social proof. That means more and more people prefer your product/service. There’s a psychological reason behind this – people like to make a purchasing decision based on the popularity, recommendations made by others or through their own past experiences with the product/service.

 If you want more engagement in your existing post, you should definitely go with creating an ad using the said post.

Choose your ad placement wisely

 Ad placement refers to the places where you can post an ad on Facebook. When you create ads on Facebook, you can choose your ad to be seen on social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, audience’s network or even on Facebook Messenger.

Ad placement

 Image source: Vicimedia

 Facebook ad placement plays a major role in the performance of the ad campaign. You should place your ads where the audience spends most of their time online.

 Here are some tips to choose your ad placement wisely.

  • Identify your objective and choose the ad placement accordingly.
  • Find out the top performing ad placement in Facebook ads manager from your previous campaign. (If you’ve set up a Facebook ad campaign previously)
  • If you’re creating Facebook ads for the first time, you can test and try different ad placements to find out where your audience spent most of their time. Based on the results, you can optimize your upcoming Facebook ad campaign.

Try Facebook A/B test

Marketers always focus on getting ad results based on the client’s marketing objectives. But, there isn’t any single proof formula for an effective Facebook ad campaign. To get the results, you must be willing to test and try different approaches. Based on the results, you can figure out what’s working best so that you can optimize the strategy on the campaign.

 Facebook A/B test is all about setting up a variable test and finding out the best ad performance. Moreover, you experiment with several ad designs, target audiences, and ad placement. The result gives you an insight into your audience, their preference and the placement where they spend most of their time.

 AdEspresso conducts A/B test in its own sponsored ads to find out the preferences of the target audience. Why? Because knowing more about the target audience is critical to optimize your Facebook ad campaign. AdEspresso recommends users to try Facebook A/B test with the following elements:

  • Ad design
  • Ad copy, especially the headline
  • Your unique value offer
  • Ad placements
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Bidding methods
  • Campaign objectives

A/B Testing

Source: AdEspresso 

Schedule your ads at the right time

 Is there a best time to run your Facebook ad campaign? In all honesty, there isn’t a single ‘best time’ that works well for all kinds of Facebook advertising. You see, the best time depends on several factors and the type of businesses.

 However, you can use your own data from Facebook ads manager to see the best possible time for advertising. To know this, you go to the ads manager, see the “breakdown” menu and select “day”.

Ad schedule 

Image source: AdEspresso

 Here, you can get insights about the best days and hours where you get the most outstanding results. Tapping into this information allows you to set your ad campaign so that it reaches a larger number of prospective customers, has more exposure and high engagement rates.

Looking for Facebook advertising in Nepal?

Lone Tree Nepal offers Facebook advertising services in Nepal for all types of businesses. We’re able to get amazing results with Facebook ad campaigns for our clients. Contact us today for digital marketing consultation and how to get started.


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