Social Media Trends You Should Know in 2022

Social Media Trends You Should Know in 2022

Social Media Trends You Should Know in 2022

Social media marketing in Nepal has grown rapidly over the last decades. It’s all about using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest as a marketing tool to grow your business. By creating informative and engaging content, and promoting it on your social media platform, you can reach a large number of audiences and interact with them.

Social media trends are continuously changing and evolving a lot. If you’re building a business on the internet, no doubt, you must be able to adapt to the changes and should follow the new trends.

As a digital marketer, here are some questions we often get asked by our clients: Which platforms are the best fit for my marketing strategy? What are the social media trends I should follow?

Above all, every social media platform is different. Most of the businesses are not adapting their marketing strategy with the latest social media trends. Simply having a social media account is not enough; businesses must leverage these platforms to their full advantage.

In this internet era, there is no doubt marketing and social media go hand in hand. In this article, we share the top social media trends you should know about if you’re doing social media marketing in Nepal.

Social media users are increasing

According to Statista, there were 3.484 billion social media users worldwide in 2019. The number of social media users are continuously growing due to an increase in smartphone users.

Almost all social networking sites are available as mobile apps that can be installed easily on smartphones. So, there has been a growing trend of people spending more time online. According to Marketingland, nearly 80% of social media users spend time on mobiles. Obviously, businesses should understand these social media trends, and must have their own social media presence to reach and engage with their prospective customers.

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Organic reach is declining

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are changing their algorithms.

For 2022, some changes have been tweaked in Facebook’s algorithm. Facebook prioritizes more personal content over public content like a post from businesses and brands on its news feed. As a result, the organic reach of the business page has gradually declined on Facebook. This means businesses are getting less referral traffic and clicks to their website on Facebook.

Likewise, one of the social media trends comes with changes in Instagram’s algorithm rewards posts with high engagement (likes, comments, shares) and shows engaging posts on top of the audience newsfeed accordingly.

So, businesses cannot rely on social media platforms only, but they have to adjust to the latest social media trends. That’s why they need to utilize digital marketing trends such as content marketing and paid ads (Google AdWords and Facebook advertising).

Rise of paid advertising

With the decline in organic reach, businesses are taking advantage of paid advertisements on social media.

The recent report by Statista shows that there are six million advertisers on Facebook and two million advertisers on Instagram. Likewise, Statista report shows that the annual social network advertising spending in U.S. alone is $19.3 billion, growing more than 20 percent annually.

Most notably, the increase in the rise of social media advertisers and spending on social media indicates that it is crucial to take your business online.

According to eMarketer, Facebook ads are able to produce the best ROI for businesses followed by Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Source: eMarketer

That’s because these platforms allow the ads to reach your target audience, based on specific demographics, interest and behaviours. In addition, you can choose the budget you want to spend on the ad. In the same way, you can analyse your result and find out the effectiveness of social media trends and marketing.

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Video content is the most popular

Video is one of the most effective strategies for content marketing.

A research by Brandlive reveals that live video has become the top priority for executives, 95% of brand executives say the live video is key to their social media marketing strategies. Also, Vimeo research says that 82% of consumers prefer watching video on social media.

As a result, the top social media trends coming from platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Periscope are adding new video features like ephemeral video content (live videos, stories that last for 24 hours).

According to Facebook, live videos receive 6 times more engagement than other content. Brand marketers are leveraging video content because they’re the most effective for bringing a human element to their brands.

The increasing popularity of video means businesses can take advantage of this trend. Implementation of video as part of social media trends and marketing strategy can increase engagement with the customers, maximise reach and generate new leads for the business.

Video marketing should be an integral part of a marketing strategy. To learn more, read “Video content: A valuable content approach for your business”.

Content marketing is a must

Content marketing means creating and promoting valuable content to reach a prospective customer. It integrates telling captivating stories (blogs, videos, graphics) that your audiences find valuable and engaging.

In fact, content marketing is one of the most important social media trends that brings the largest commercial impact among businesses.

No doubt, content marketing has the biggest impact on businesses. Content marketing has proven to:

  • Attract more buyers
  • Establish and build trust in your brand
  • Drive traffic through organic search
  • Have a higher ROI than traditional marketing activities
  • Build a relationship with prospects
  • Bring people back to your website again

Source: textrequest

Compared to other marketing strategies, content marketing is the least expensive (cost 62% less than outbound marketing) as well as an effective way for businesses to generate more leads.

The invention of social media trends heavily relies on content, it has become a strategic source of brand awareness. By creating content relevant to the audience, you can bring effective results to your business.

Unlike other platforms, to succeed in content marketing, you should follow the right techniques that align with buyer personas and content mapping to reach the target audiences.

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Looking for social media marketing in Nepal?

Whether you’re promoting a business, product or your own personal brand, keeping up with social media trends in Nepal can give you an additional edge over your competitors. For that, businesses have to identify marketing trends and make the necessary changes to reach your marketing goals in 2022.

Lone Tree Marketing, the best digital marketing agency in Nepal, provides an insight into social media trends, and helps with social media marketing in Nepal according to the objectives of our customers. To explore the best ways to integrate social media marketing into your business, please feel free to Contact us. Our team of Social Media Marketing experts at Lone Tree Marketing will love to help you grow online.


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