8 Reasons Why You need Online Marketing in 2021

8 Reasons Why You need Online Marketing in 2021

8 Reasons Why You need Online Marketing in 2021

The world is no longer going digital; it’s already digital. Online Marketing is a must these days.

People spend more time online and on social media than consuming any other traditional media.

If your company does not have a good digital presence, guess what?

People will doubt you and the credibility of your brand. Many businesses have realized the importance of online marketing and are embracing the digital age.

So! Why do you need a comprehensive online marketing strategy in this internet age?

Builds Brand Reputation

If you provide value to your customer and they were happy with your product or service, what would they do?

A satisfied customer will share their experiences about your brand with others, thus enhancing your brand reputation.

Online marketing helps you develop good relationships with your customers and increase brand awareness of your product by reaching a broader target audience. So, internet marketing is about delivering the right results by targeting the right people and ensuring growth for your brand.

Global Reach

Businesses need more cost-effective and impactful ways to reach their customers for the long term. Online marketing provides lucrative benefits to small and medium businesses to compete in the global market and attract new customers from any part of the world. Previously, traditional marketing was limited to large corporations who have resources and spend vast amounts of money on advertising campaigns.

According to Statista, Facebook is the most used social media platform, with 2.7 billion active monthly users. In 2020 alone, there were over 3.6 billion social media users, a number that’s projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.

This shows that by employing an effective social media marketing strategy, you can reach a global audience all around the world. This is the power of online marketing in this digital era.

Precise targeting

Online marketing gives you insights into the buyer personas of your potential clients and helps you reach your target audience. Your business can reach your target audience based on user behavior (kind of devices they use), demography (age, profession), geography with the help of online marketing. You can identify trends and patterns in people’s behavior before they make actual purchases from you. With online marketing, you are more flexible to make decisions based on your consumer behavior and attract them according to their needs.


Online marketing serves as a better and cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results. Take the example of a traditional medium, for instance. The cost of renting space for an ad in a newspaper or a billboard goes well into a couple of lakhs. With online marketing, small and medium businesses with limited resources and capital can benefit and perform sales and marketing processes to compete with big businesses.

Result oriented

With online marketing, the various web analytics tools and software help to know the exact number of people who have viewed your website’s homepage, what devices they were using and where they come from.

For example, if your website is visited more via smartphone than PC, you can customize your site and ads to appear mobile-friendly.

The results of online marketing can be immediately realized and measured. How? By simply allowing your target audience to provide contact information, subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase, or through inquiries.

Conversion optimization

Online marketing is not only about attracting tons of website visitors.

What if you are not able to convert traffic into leads and sales?

You can optimize the conversion rates with the use of the right online marketing tools and techniques. These techniques can be search engine optimization, social media marketing and email marketing; according to your requirements.

Mobile devices have become the center of our life. People use mobile for everything from social media to making purchase decisions.

In fact, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide.

In this regard, online marketing helps to reach mobile consumers through mobile search, display ads, voice search, and image search, among others.

Generate better revenues

Online marketing is able to help brands get better Return On Investment (ROI) for their marketing investments with result-oriented tools and techniques.

It allows you to identify trends in the way people research and buy your product,  as well as analyze your marketing strategy. You can make improvements experiment with new strategies according to necessity and preferences to convert traffic into leads and sales. Ultimately, higher conversion rates mean higher chances of profitable revenues for your company.

So, are you using a digital marketing strategy in your business?
If not now, when?

The team of digital marketing experts at Lone Tree would love to help you discover the digital marketing strategy for your business. Contact Us today for digital marketing consultation and how to get started.

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