Introverts, Marketing and the Digital Age

Introverts, Marketing and the Digital Age

Introverts, Marketing and the Digital Age

Are you an introvert? Do you question introverts in marketing? Do you think introverts are not for marketing? Well, well, this post is definitely for you.

“You’re too introverted for marketing.”

It’s a common perception that the field of marketing favors extroverts over introverts. Several characteristics, from networking skills to sales interactions and forming quick relationships with new people are traits that come easily to extroverts. The presumption is that extroverts are outgoing and enjoy the spotlight, whereas introverts struggle in these aspects. However, the assumption that marketing isn’t the field for introverts is a myth that more and more people are debunking.

Being introverted is commonly misunderstood as being shy. They aren’t weird, awkward or even anti-social. They quite simply seek and are energized by being alone. In major surveys around the world, the most “extroverted” people have admitted to enjoying time spent alone. The first misconception is that extroverts and introverts are either/or characteristics, whereas the majority of us display both characteristics, thus, making us ambiverts.

This myth is being further discredited as evolution and technological advancements mean that the balance of power is shifting in favor of the introverts. Marketing in the present context involves thoughtfulness and engagement in its communication. It demands introspection, trust, authenticity, creativity and meaningful relationships rather than quick relationships. Marketing today is all about understanding the customers’ needs, listening to them and bonding with them intellectually. It has become evident that it is no longer necessary, or even favorable to conduct your business from the vantage point of needing to own the center stage. So, introverts in marketing is definitely a great idea.

There are numerous reasons that introverts are continually succeeding in the field of marketing. These are a few reasons that we believe are at the pinnacle of them.

Introverts are experts in inbound marketing.  

We all accept the fact that content is a pivotal catalyst for marketing. Introverts tend to observe and process information in a way that makes them expert storytellers. They are able to engage an audience with insight and introspection. Where an extrovert might be an expert at grabbing attention, the introvert is an expert at holding it, which is vital in increasing inbound marketing.

Introverts get to the point.

With the growth of digital media, information overload and content that is predominantly consumed from mobile devices, people’s attention span is rapidly plummeting. With the tendency to avoid small talk, introverts have both the desire and skills required to be concise, and get straight to the point.

Introverts build strong relationships.

The Internet and social media have transformed to a platform that looks beyond the number of visits, likes or ‘friends’ you may have to the number of conversations and connections you have with your clients. Where extroverts pride themselves for the strength of their network, introverts focus on developing a strong bond with their network. The importance of generating this ‘emotional’ connection with clients has never been more important as people realize the importance of influence in marketing. Introverts are more open to contemplate and correspond to a multidimensional view that is critical to increasing user engagement and a continued relationship both in life and online.

Creativity is key.

The ultimate reason why introverts have and probably will always have a place in the marketing industry is that they tend to be creative people. The accumulation of attributes allows introverts to be creative problem solvers. They are able to communicate through their work what they are unable to verbally. They complement observation and logic by looking into their sentiments and subconscious for inspiration and solutions.

While the world of business still requires multiple mediums of communication and extroverts will always dominate the field; for introverts, the power is increasingly yours. If you’re an introvert, understand and embrace it. If you’re an extrovert, try to understand the unique attributes of introverts. Relate to them better, and capitalize on their power.

At Lone Tree Marketing, we are a spirited team of extroverts, introverts and ambiverts alike, who are creatively driven and digital focused. We help companies create digital experiences, reach customers, and grow. As we move forward with campaigns, expertise, and motivated customer service, we make sure that we never miss the mark and carve out newer possibilities. At Lone Tree, we understand the relationship between the brand and its relevant audience.

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Pssst, don’t worry, we won’t make our introverted team members talk 🙂

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